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I understand that Vendors will be paid 100% of their sales (minus Paypal or Stripe processing fees) on the 1st and 15th of each month, for any sales at least 2 weeks prior.  Ex. You make a sale on January 5th. You will have to wait 14 days to be paid on that sale, which will be after January 19th. That payment will be sent on the next payment date, February 1st.  Vendors are responsible for all returns, exchanges and refunds that may be requested by a customer. Due to the fact that you will received 100% of the sale you will have to handle any issues/disputes that may arise yourself. If any vendor has more than 3 disputes in a calendar month, said vendor will be put on WATCH. Any vendors on watch, will have to wait until 7 days after the item sold is marked delivered, to be paid. If any Vendor exceeds 7 disputes within a calendar month, said vendor's account will be suspended until the disputes are handled and satisfied.*


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